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~Comfort Food Appetizers~
Hot Wings – $8.95
With our own homemade spicy sauce, or ask for ultra-hot if you dare!
BBQ Wings – $8.95
Special BBQ Sauce made daily.

Homemade Cheesy Breadsticks - 8.95
Generous Portions of our soft & cheesy breadsticks,
With our homemade roasted garlic butter.

Chicken Diavolos – - $7.95
Tender, boneless chicken bites, lightly breaded, infused with jalapeno oil.
Served with our homemade smoky ranch.

Beer Battered Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara –$7.95
Soft & warm on the inside, lightly battered.

Jalapeno Poppers & Strawberry Jam – $8.95
The perfect blend of cream cheese and spicy jalapenos.
Basket of Beer Battered Onion Rings - $7.95
Light & crispy served with our roasted red bell pepper cream sauce.

Flash Fried Zucchini - $7.95
Quick fried and delicious. Served with buttermilk ranch dressing.

~Simple Appetizers/Small Plates~
Anti Pasto - $9.95
Italian salami, pepperoni, capicolla, mozzarella, provolone, stuffed olives, roasted garlic, tomatoes with fresh basil.

Italian Meatball Sliders -$8.95
Our delicious meatballs you love, homemade family sauce, fresh basil, arugula, parmesan on three little rolls.

Hand Battered Buttermilk Calamari - $9.95
Lemon Aioli.

Homemade Italian Panzella- $8.95
A wonderful Italian peasant food I grew up with! Homemade croutons mixed with balsamic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, basil, thin purple onion, imported parmesan, all mixed together and served with fresh cucumber slices. Made to order. Bella.

~Salads –
All Made with Fresh Spring Mix &crunchy Iceberg Greens.

The Anti Pasto Salad - $11.95/7.95
Salami, pepperoni, capicolla, hand cut roma tomatoes, olives, onions, and mozzarella.

Julius Caesar Salad - $11.95/$7.95
Homemade delicious dressing, fresh romaine, hand cut tomatoes, the most expensive parmesan, mild roasted garlic. Bella. Add Chicken: $4.00

Gorgonzola Chicken Salad - $11.95/$7.95
Tender grilled white chicken, fresh pesto, roasted garlic, roma tomatoes, purple onions, black olives, mozzarella, and dressed lightly with gorgonzola crumbles.

Mom’s Slightly Wilted Spinach Salad - $11.95/$7.95
Her famous slightly sweet dressing recipe is what makes this salad delicious! Fresh spinach, bacon, tomatoes, fresh onion, croutons, crunchy walnuts, orange slice.

The Black Mountain Salad - $11.95/$7.95
Artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, cheddar cheese, fresh bacon, French fried shoestring onions, BBQ sauce drizzle, fresh cucumbers. Our homemade smoky ranch dressing.  
Add: Calamari $6/Shrimp$5/Chicken $5/Pulled Pork$6.

Nick’s Chicken Club Salad - $11.95/$7.95
Fresh Greens with grilled chopped white chicken, fresh bacon, cheddar cheese, asiago cheese, hand cut tomatoes, thin sliced onions.

Fresh Green Dinner Salad - $6.95
Our delicious greens with carrots, purple onions, roma tomatoes, roasted cashews.

Homemade Dressings for Your Salad
Aunt Ida’s Sweet Italian with Fresh Basil
Buttermilk Ranch
Balsamic & Olive Oil with Roasted Garlic

-Our Gourmet Pizzas-
Personal 10” $13.00, Medium 12” $22.50 (for 2-3),
Giant 16” 29.00 (for 4-5). That's just under $6 per person for dinner!
Gluten Free Available in Personal size only, $4 more. 
These are handmade, hand rolled pizzas. In fact your pizza isn’t a pizza until you order it!
No shortcuts here! Real food takes time!

Chicken Club
Chicken breast, bacon, red onions, roma tomatoes, and cheddar cheese with house roasted garlic white sauce.

The Big Combo (over 4 pounds!)*
*giant size!
Pepperoni, Chicago Italian sausage, red onions, green bell peppers, fresh mushrooms, black olives with our house roasted red sauce.

The Green Thumb Veggie
Red Onions, green bell peppers, fresh mushrooms, roma tomatoes, black olives with our House roasted red sauce.

Chicken with Roasted Garlic (House Specialty)
Chicken breast, roasted garlic, artichoke hearts, and roma tomatoes. Finished with house special roasted garlic white sauce. An award winner for us!

Pizza Bella
Creamy Alfredo white sauce, chicken breast, bacon, and roasted garlic with mozzarella and parmesan.

Philly Cheesesteak
We use our Alfredo sauce, add tender paper thin Philly cheese steak and top with red onions, bell peppers, and mozzarella cheese.

The Franktown (One of the Local favorites!)
Another one of Chrissy’s favorites! Rustic crust, our garlic white sauce. Then we add mozzarella, asiago, chicken, bacon, roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, and gorgonzola, topped with fresh Basil after it comes out!

The Edinborough
A Western Bacon Cheeseburger pizza! House red sauce with fresh ground beef, BBQ sauce, beer battered onion rings, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar and mozzarella.

Joe’s Sicilian Meatball Pizza
These meatballs are DELICIOUS! We add our red sauce, mozzarella, red onions, green bell peppers, and fresh mushrooms.

JR’s Cajun Big Easy
We spice up our red sauce Cajun style and add Andouille sausage, shrimp, fresh bell peppers, onions, and lots of mozzarella.

Good Golly Miss Molly
Named by one of our good customers, we use our fresh pesto and add shrimp cooked in garlic butter, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, and black olives.

The Margarita
FOUR of the most expensive cheeses! Mozzarella, provolone, the very best imported parmesan, asaigo with a fresh basil leaf finish over red sauce.

The Popular Pig
Using our BBQ sauce, we add mozzarella, shredded pork, sliced peaches, and sprinkle with Cheddar.

Meat Cravers Pizza
Canadian bacon, salami, pepperoni, Chicago sausage, with our House roasted garlic red sauce.

Fancy Cashew Pizza
Chicken breast, roasted cashews, fresh Pesto, artichoke hearts, black olives, and extra cheese.

TRULY A MAN PIZZA, and so popular! We take our white sauce, mozzarella, sausage, chicken drizzled in BBQ sauce, Doritos brand Nacho Tortilla chips, jalapenos, onions, cheddar, and more BBQ Sauce! Per Mare Per Terras!

Taco Pizza
We use our special taco seasoned ground beef, then add cheddar cheese, red onions, roma Tomatoes, black olives, and fire roasted green chilies, then top it off with MORE cheddar cheese. Better than a taco!

Mama Mia Spicy Hot Italian
Salami, pepperoni, red onions, fresh mushrooms, sweet fire roasted red bell peppers, black olives, roma tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh grated parmesan with our spicy ultra hot roasted garlic red sauce. Hot! Another award winner for us!

Southwestern BBQ Chicken
Chicken breast, smoky BBQ sauce, and mozzarella. Simple & delicious.

Chrissy’s Favorite (A House Specialty)
A Sicilian purist at heart, her dad really did come over on a boat from Sicily, so try hers! Onions, fresh mushrooms, pepperoni with roasted garlic red and AND fresh pesto.

The Cefalu
This is a takeoff of Chrissy’s family pizza. Very simple and light. Olive oil and parmesan is worked into the dough. Topped lightly with thin sliced onions tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, fresh pesto.

The Flyin Chorizo Pizza
Locally made chorizo, chicken, cheddar, mozzarella, cilantro, jalapenos, and artichoke hearts with roasted red sauce! A Nevada favorite.

Finding Nemo Scampi Pizza
Just an amazing pizza. Delicious shrimp sautéed in our own garlic butter with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, Asiago and mozzarella over our creamy garlic white sauce. Superb.

Wing It!
This is a warm pizza! So if you like hot wings, try it! We use our top secret hot wing sauce, mozzarella, and white chicken mixed with our garlic white sauce, jalapenos, pineapple topped lightly with cheddar.

We buy local fresh produce and make our own sauces and dough fresh daily!
We use 100% Whole Milk Mozzarella, real Italian Virgin Olive Oil,
and our vegetables are hand cut!

Create Your Own Pizza or Calzones
Remember Calzones take longer, but they’re worth it! Calzones made with ricotta and mozzarella.
Calzones not available in Personal size please.

Personal Pizza (10 in) $7.50
Medium Pizza or Calzone (12 in) $10.50
Giant Pizza or Calzone (16 in) $16.00
Then choose your toppings from below!
(Prices are next to each item)

Anchovies $4
Artichoke Hearts $4
BBQ Chicken $5
Black Olives $2
Canadian bacon $3
Capicolla $3
Capers $3
Caramelized Onions $4
Charbroiled Chicken Breast $5
Chicago Sausage $2
Chorizo $2
Extra Mozzarella $2
Extra Pesto $2
Fire Roasted Green Chilies $3
Fire Roasted Red Bell Peppers $4
Fresh Basil $2
Fresh Cilantro $2
Fresh Ground Beef $2
Fresh Mushrooms $2
Fresh Roma Tomatoes $2
Fresh Spinach $3
Gorgonzola Cheese $3
Green Bell Peppers $2
Green Olives $4
Italian Salami $2
Jalapenos $2
Meatballs $2
Pepperoncini’s $2
Pepperoni $2
Philly Style Beef $4
Pineapple $2
Real Bacon $2
Red Onions $2
Ricotta Cheese $3
Roasted Cashews $3
Roasted Garlic $2
Salsa $2
Shredded Slow Cooked Pork $3
Shrimp $5
Sliced Peaches $2
  Stuffed Olives $6
Sundried Tomatoes $4

 In fact, your pizza is not a pizza until you order it! No shortcuts here!
Our Standard Crust, crispy on the bottom, soft and chewy on the inside, not too thick.
 If you prefer Thin Crust, please ask!

Choose Brugos Sauces
House Roasted Red Sauce (our standard sauce)
House Special Roasted Garlic White Sauce
Creamy Alfredo Sauce
Fresh Homemade Pesto
Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil
Spicy Ultra Hot Roasted Red Sauce
Spicy Cajun Red Sauce
We buy local fresh produce and make our own sauces and dough fresh daily!
We use 100% Whole Milk Mozzarella, real Italian Virgin Olive Oil,
and our vegetables are hand cut!

Hot Ciabatta Bread Sandwiches –
Served Between 11:30-4 pm.
Cooked in our Pizza Oven, all come with Asiago Cheese melted on top.
Choice of a side of fresh garden salad, or quick fried fresh zucchini, pick one. $10.95

The Monte
Delicious charbroiled chicken, fresh homemade pesto, provolone, lettuce, onions, tomatoes.
Philly Cheese Steak
Paper thin Philly beef slices, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, Alfredo white sauce, provolone.
Chicken Parmigiana
Delicious red pizza Sauce, white chicken, mozzarella, onions, tomatoes.
Barbecue Chicken
Our homemade Smoky BBQ Sauce, mozzarella, onions, tomatoes, lettuce.
Joe’s Homemade Meatball
Meatballs with pizza sauce, onions, crunchy bell peppers, fresh mushrooms, provolone.
Real Chicago Sausage
Chrissy’s Favorite! Simple and good! Crumbled Chicago sausage creamy roasted red bell sauce, melted provolone, lettuce, onions, tomatoes.
The Meat Craver
Just like our pizza only on an oven toasted ciabatta.
Pepperoni, salami, Canadian bacon, Chicago sausage, red pizza sauce, mozzarella.
The Green Thumb Veggie
We take our mild roasted red bell sauce and add fresh green bell peppers, thin sliced mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and thin purple onions. Topped with melted mozzarella.

Or Get Creative! Choose Any One of Our Gourmet Pizza’s and
Turn it into a Ciabatta for only $1 more!
We suggest: Chicken with Roasted Garlic
The Flyin Chorizo
The Mama Mia Spicy Hot Italian!

Lois Cefalu’s Apple Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting $7.95
Our MOST popular dessert! I grew up with this delicious, moist, Italian brown apple
Cake filled with hand cut slices of red apples. I learned to make this from Mom when I was ten. The best part for me though was the thick cream cheese frosting on top!

Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae - $8.95
Our homemade fudge brownie sits below vanilla ice cream and is topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and of course, a cherry!

Special Red Velvet Cheesecake – $8.95
What could be better? Moist layers of luscious Red Velvet Cake and
 Our delicious cheesecake covered with our special cream cheese frosting.

Kentucky Derby Pie - $8.95
Chrissy’s Favorite.
If you have ever been to Kentucky, then you will remember this famous dessert of theirs! Chocolate chip cookie pie crust filled with luscious bourbon pecan pie and more chocolate chips. Served warm with delicious real vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup.
One taste and you won’t be able to stop!

Classic Spumoni - $3.50
Smooth velvety Italian Ice Cream. And it’s hard to stop eating!
For that special event you are planning,

Comfort Food Pastas
All Served with Our Cheesy Breadsticks. 
And even though were “just “a pizza place, we use only the BEST imported Italian Cheeses!

Chrissy’s Lasagna
This lasagna was the inspiration for Chrissy’s Favorite Pizza!
Lasagna with our homemade family sauce, fresh pesto, chicken, mushrooms, asiago, mozzarella, and parmesan $13.95

Chicken & Italian Sausage Lasagna
Lasagna with the family sauce, tender white chicken, fresh sausage, mild roasted garlic and lots of cheese! $13.95

Fettuccini Alfredo
 Add chicken, $5.00

Classic Spaghetti & Meatballs
The Family Heritage Sauce. Passed from mother to daughter. 
Simply the best spaghetti you will ever have. $13.95

Spaghetti Al Fresco
Spaghetti lightly tossed with Italian olive oil, fresh basil, roasted garlic, fresh tomatoes, and parmesan. $11.95

Fresh Homemade Pesto & Spaghetti
Pure and Simple. Fresh pesto made right here daily from imported Italian cheeses, fresh basil, homemade roasted garlic and pure virgin Italian olive oil over spaghetti. $11.95

We also offer imported gluten free spaghetti from Italy.

Daily Dinners Specials! All made to order!
And when we run out, that’s all!

Monday:Giuseppe’s Spaghetti – sundried tomatoes, rosemary, sausage, cheeses
Tuesday: Imported Parmesan Pecorino Mozzarella Raviolis 
Wednesday: Fresh Chicken Marsala
Thursday:Fresh Chicken Parmesan
Friday:Shrimp Scampi
Saturday:Portobello Mushroom Raviolis in a fresh marsala cream sauce
Sunday:Fresh Chicken Picatta

As you peruse the sumptuous menu, marvel at the Scottsdale sunset through our giant picture windows that point to the best view as you listen to Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, and Rosemary Clooney. 

 We also offer COOKED TO GO  and our FAMOUS GOURMET TAKE N BAKE PIZZA! Your made to order Take N Bake Pizza will  cook perfect and easy in your oven, and also cook on your BBQ! Take one home today!

​Note: We do have delicious  PERSONAL SIZE gluten free PIZZAS! 

For more information, please call 
480-575-6991 or contact us:
Please note the menu above applies to Brugos Pizza in Scottsdale only. Menu subject to change.

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